Claris International Inc., an Apple subsidiary, today announced the launch of FileMaker 19: the company’s first open platform for developers to rapidly build sophisticated custom apps leveraging direct JavaScript integrations, drag-and-drop add-ons, AI via Apple’s Core ML, and more

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Claris Connect will let users tie together cloud and on-premise applications to automate workflows.  It will be able to link more than 100 third-party apps, as well as its own FileMaker Pro service.

Claris Connect functions in a similar manner to other workflow automation and integration apps such as Zapier and IFTTT, sometimes referred to as integration platform as a service (iPaaS). It lets users create automated workflows, with trigger events in one app kicking off actions in another.

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FileMaker has announced today that it is rebranding to Claris, a name that likely sounds familiar if you’ve been an Apple user since the early days. While the core FileMaker product will remain the same, the company itself is changing its name to Claris International.

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