Custom Business Apps

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Our Services

We specialise in developing custom apps to fit your specific business needs and project budget. We can work with you to create a system completely from scratch or enhance your existing systems by adding new functionality and features.

Mobile Apps

You don’t spend all of your time at the office so why should your business software.  We build custom solutions for your iPad or iPhone so you can work everywhere your business takes you.

FileMaker Development

We design and build Claris FileMaker Pro solutions that are tailored to fit your unique requirements. Our systems will not only fit your current needs but will have the capability to grow with you and serve future needs.

Support and Maintenance

Finishing the project is not always the end. You will have new ideas and functions you may want to change as your requirements evolve and your business grows. Datamine remains at your side to help and are always just a phone call away.

Integrate with other applications

Our database systems connect to other applications, data sources, and technologies. The FileMaker platform is incredibly flexible. It can push data from your solution into your enterprise, accounting or payroll system systems, or bring data from those same systems into your FileMaker application.

Claris Connect

With the launch of Claris Connect in 2020 it is even easier to connect your FIleMaker system to other applications. Claris Connect will let users tie together cloud and on-premise applications to automate workflows in powerful ways.  Read more about Claris Connect at

Our Process

 Our development process ensures you get the solution you were expecting.
Our tested and proven method for approaching any project is a phased approach.

Scope and Discovery Phase

We’ll work with you to determine your project’s objectives, define requirements, and design a solution uniquely tailored to meet your needs. The deliverables for this phase include the blueprint of the solution to be built and an estimate of the time and costs required to complete your project.

Design and Development Phase

Using the blueprint designed for your solution, our developers will begin building your system. Throughout the development phase, you will be asked to test and provide feedback on builds of your solution to ensure it meets your requirements. Your collaboration, testing and feedback during this phase is essential to the success of the project.

Testing and Deployment Phase

After testing is complete, we will install, configure and test the solution with you. We will also prepare for any required data migration and integrations with other systems. After data has been migrated to your new system, another round of testing will occur and if needed, additional modifications will be made. At this point, you may also wish for us train the end users to ensure a smooth transition to the new systems.

Support and Maintenance Phase

Support and maintenance plays an important role after implementing your solution. Datamine offers a range of maintenance plans that meet your specific requirements for ongoing development and technical support.  Our online ticketing systems allows our clients to login into their account to receive progress reports and updates.

Our Work

We build systems in all shapes and sizes across all industries. We understand that the key to a successful project is communication. From your first contact with Datamine, you’ll know that you are dealing with a group of professionals who are responsive, experienced and knowledgeable.

Quality Control app

A customised electronic process for collecting quality control data for Ford’s V8 FPV engines and transfer this data into a backend system for reporting and engine management.

Users on the factory floor used a iPad solution to work through the engine build process and to enter crucial quality control information. The system built worked as a data capture device, but also as a key training tool for staff on the production line.

The solution was successfully deployed and implemented for the remainder of the production cycle at the plant. 

Site Diary app

Paper site diaries are time consuming and painful.  We built this custom site diary app for I&D to capture daily activity on iPads with just a few taps, providing a more reliable cost & productivity data for head office.

Also includes easy timesheet entry, staff scheduling functions, photo capture and detailed activity checklists.

Cardiology Reporting System

We worked closely with the clinicians and admin staff to develop a fully customised reporting system for RMH Cardiology department. Included modules for Echo, Holter, Stress, ECG, Pacing, Congenital, Pregnancies, and more.

Final reports include tools and calculations that auto populate multiple sections of the report and highlights out of range values.

The solution also includes a booking module to handle the scheduling of patient appointments, confirmation letters, SMS functions plus a status board used to check-in patients in the waiting room.

Property Valuation App

Custom built user-friendly and intuitive real estate valuation tool used to capture property data quickly and sync with enterprise system at head office. 

App includes easy photo capture and drawing tools to quickly sketch floor plans. Summary data captured in field converted to extensive, detailed, and accurate valuations reports.

Environment health and safety app

The iPad app is designed so that on-site WeldConnect technicians can quickly perform WH&S assessments, add notes,  and manage client inventory on the go.

The design enabled a smooth user journey, which translated to ease of navigation and maximised engagement.

CrimeBase | Practice Management Software

End-to-end business management software solution for one of Victoria’s leading criminal defence law firms.  CrimeBase combines CRM, time billing, and legal case management in one comprehensive solution.

Apprenticeship and Traineeship solution

atEAST is a consortium of 11 secondary schools in the Eastern Region of Melbourne. We created a comprehensive system to track school details, students, and apprenticeship opportunities.